About me

Hi! I am Chlorobyte, a man of many mysteries...

I have contributed greatly to projects such as B3313 (Super Mario 64 Internal Plexus) (git log), the most popular Super Mario 64 romhack as of 2023, as well as a range of internal experiments, covering all sorts of environments and programming languages. I am highly flexible and reliable, aiming for an understanding of a wide range of topics, additionally including cybersecurity, audio, and occasionally I might do some art when I find the time. (A gallery might come up whenever I am confident enough)


(todo: still references my deadname)

The lore has been moved to a wiki now, for better organization (finally, long fucking overdue) and less confusion. Try my page first.

How about a few samples... :tro:

Multiple Benedanis

Aug, 2018: It is theorized that there are actually multiple Benedanis. Precisely 7 of them. The hunt begins. Some Benedanis are found using a scanner on the Kappa Base flying in space, operating between Aug 18 and Aug 22. Some alt accounts are created as they are found - shiny Benedani Flying (now called BabyRage and no access) and Benedani Water.

Suddenly, a woman

One day, Chlorobyte had a pretty simplistic dream on the surface, where he was at night on the bus on the way home, and he became lucid and started messing with the bus, rocking it around as it moved and stabilizing it, then entering console commands to change the textures around.

One thing stuck out in this dream in particular. A girl, staring at him as he woke up, which was burned into his mind.

The funny side