Build 3313 - Super Mario 64 Internal Plexus

A strange cartridge found in one of the dumpsters of all time reveals a lost version of Super Mario 64. Being a random beta build, it's pretty buggy and unstable. It seems to be from around the time of the personalization AI experiments, as the game seems to try to actively adapt to the owner's personality. Exploring eventually reveals a star count far above the final game's 120...

I wasn't the one who located this cartridge - but I had a big part in debugging it and activating the various hidden functions. Unfortunately, the locator of the original cartridge turned to be an utter asshole, and horribly mismanaged our restoration efforts alongside constantly berating and rushing us. We split off from him eventually, leaving him with no team to continue on his own. Problem?

Insert a Super Mario 64 (US) ROM into the following dialog to get yourself one of our ROMs, or check out our page!

To improve the experience, by default we serve versions with:

  • disabled RCVI hack (fixes N64 graphics)
  • fixed warping textures
  • N64 float crash fix in Mario's spawn state
  • collision stack corruption fix

The untweaked versions are available mainly for historical purposes.

Supports: .z64, .n64, .v64!
On most emulators, there will be a little bit of an issue with the size of the ROM (96 MB); if you face a crash / unable to continue from the file select, this page will be your friend.
Also check out The Beehive, our unofficial B3313 Discord!

Latest posts

A couple minor tweaks

Chris' B3313 v1.0 is out!

Ignoring Chris' release would just be unnecessarily petty. Get into the new B3313 page to download the new release for yourself if you'd like another playthrough of pretty much the same game... the main noticeable differences are in the audio design, overall polish, and there is like, 1 new set of areas in the castle.

This is the case where you might want to enable the Use untweaked versions checkbox. I have applied the newest version of TrollEngine in the tweaked version, which fixes among other things:

  • the 'BOB crash'.
  • 8 certain red stars counting as yellow stars. The red star unlock progression is more gradual like in Unabandoned.
  • A certain annoying asf boss' HP is reduced.

I should note that there was never any peace treaty between me and Chris (you would have known about it by now). The pain and anguish this fucker has caused us still lives on, and we will not forget until he settles with us properly. That includes a proper, public facing apology; recognizing the person who helped me out of dark times instead of treating her as nonexistent, an alt account.

B3313 Jumpscare

Rest in peace, Paper Mario: Bowser is Back. You were... certainly something.

Taking its spot is the Super Mario 64 hack of which I had a major part in its development - B3313! Might as well:

  • have a public-facing B3313 stuff announcement channel;
  • provide the best ROM patching experience yet, around my B3313 stash - check out the new B3313 page!

With the new page also comes my final, official response to the B3313 drama bullshit that's been going on for a while now. It mainly exposes the horrible actions of the former lead developer, ChrisRLillo, while also providing the sources that I am way less guilty than they try to make it out to be.