CuteCat is a completely free Discord bot designed to be the go-to for functionality that you would otherwise add multiple bots for, or even write your own!
Written in C#, unlike most other bots that use Python or Node.JS, it's rock solid and fast!
Its features can be categorized as such:
  1. Extending Discord's functionality
    Discord's permissions are inherently insecure. Stop giving the Manage Roles permission (the potential to delete every role or royally screw permissions up) for the sole purpose of assigning roles. Don't worry about staff members using their power on each other. Plus, you can set an arbitrary number of seconds for channel slowmode and timeout durations!
  2. Replacing single-purpose bots
    A lot of bots that do one thing each are nice, but they're a mess to manage, aren't consistent with one another, and add that many more attack vectors to your server. Sometimes, it's better to just have one bot do it all. Don't worry - CuteCat is fully modular. Features you don't need won't bloat the command list or use extra processing power!
    CuteCat implements logs, an advanced and hard to bypass (but also little to no false positives) word filter, a starboard, self assignable roles (including temporary roles), live statistics and notifications for Twitch streams, member counters, and more... and does equally well at all of them!
  3. EXP and items
    CuteCat optionally also implements some RPG-like elements that can be used to reward activity. EXP for chatting (with anti-spam systems in place!), items that can be traded in the global server shop or between members, the occasional crate drop...
...and it's all completely free!
That's right. No paywalls. No association with Web3. We intend to create a bot to be used, not to make as much money as possible. Heck, we might even go open source in the future 👀
You can support us on our journey to deliver quality tools for free or as cheap as possible. As CuteCat is cheap to run, it will never have any premium features; everything will always be available to the public to use.

If you're interested in the bot, you can invite it, or try it out on our Discord server first.

Latest posts

CuteCat is (finally) public!

It's been a while, huh...
A whole year without a single post...
A lot has happened. I have graduated from school (so it will no longer swallow all of my time with useless garbage), and I am working on a completely different set of projects now. My main focus right now is the small Super Mario 64 romhack, B3313 that you might or might not have heard of.

Anyways, enough about that. Let's get to the point.

I rewrote CuteCat over a year ago. This rewrite was intended to bring CuteCat to a state in which it could be publicly released, but a few issues, mostly school has prevented this from happening thus far. But now that I've ironed out all the issues and packed a bunch of features in... it's finally time.

Check the CuteCat page for more information, or add the bot to your server right away!